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Is This You? ...

Are you ready to step up to a more powerful version of yourself?

Do you have an amazing idea that you would like to turn into a business where you can do what you love everyday?

Or perhaps you've already started your business but it's not yet making the impact that you know you're capable of ... And you have an innate knowing that you are meant for something more.

Do you often wish you could set your own schedule and have more freedom & flexibility?

Do you have a local business that you'd love to take online to reach a global audience?

Perhaps you are the go-to person for healing or providing therapy to others, but you've never been paid for your efforts.

Maybe you are feeling frustrated, because you know your skills & expertise are so needed, but your unique gifts are not being utilized in their fullest capacity.

Have you hesitated from getting started because you're feeling overwhelmed by the technology that would be involved in creating an online business?

Do you sometimes get stuck feeling that your ideas are not quite good enough?

Do you consider your skills to be lacking when it comes to marketing your products or services?

Now Imagine ...

What if you could turn your idea into a successful business that will provide the freedom & income that you need & deserve?

What if you could reach a worldwide audience of engaged fans online and share your wisdom to help birth a more evolved human consciousness on this planet?

And what if you could learn & understand all of the technology involved and feel confident using it ...

PLUS learn highly-effective marketing practices that empower you to communicate from your heart & soul, from a place of abundance & generosity, rather than from a place of scarcity and "needing to sell something."

How would it be to experience financial success & stability, COMBINED WITH the freedom to have time & sacred space for yourself, self-care, rejuvenation & self-care, and family time ... the optimal work-life balance

What if you could experience higher energy levels, fulfillment, joy, & peace? Wake up smiling every day, and fall asleep easily each night, knowing your work is making a serious positive impact in the world ...

Grow your capacity to show up in public, speak your truth with confidence, & fully embrace your own personal power

Create a business with multiple income sources that will be constantly evolving & changing with you, as you evolve throughout your life. What if you could know with confidence that you will never feel stuck or stagnant again?

How would you like to build community, creativity, and freedom into the foundation of your business from the very beginning?

The truth is that YOU are so much more powerful & capable than you realize.

And that you have been given this passion and these visionary ideas for a specific reason ... Because this is how you are meant to change the world.

So ...

If you deeply desire to launch a new heart-based business or take your existing business to the next level ...

If you know you are meant to speak your truth, shine your light, and BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world ...

If you want to step fully into your personal power & start creating the income you deserve ...

Then the Magic of You 22-week Online Training Program is exactly what you've been seeking.

In this one-of-a-kind 22-week program,

You will learn a proven, strategic, easy to understand, step-by-step system to:

(1) Gain clarity & focus on what you're meant to do & claim the full extent of your power & mission

(2) Increase your confidence, self-worth, personal power; AND transform your relationship with money, taking your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance

(3) Learn the most user-friendly technology options available and explore how you can leverage them to expand your network and automate aspects of your business, freeing up your time for what's really important

(4) Create your own website easily & intuitively, a website that shines & inspires, clearly inspired by your heart & soul's truth

(5) Create inspired marketing & communications from your heart & soul, that conveys your mission without sounding overbearing or "salesy"; that attracts the exact people who are perfect to work with you

(6) Connect with your perfect clients: The people who are already out there, just waiting for you to speak up so that you can change their lives! The people who you are happiest working with, and who will receive the absolute maximum benefit from working with you

(7) Grow your followers / subscribers to a large number of engaged fans who love you and will actively buy your products & services

(8) Learn how to price and package your offerings or products, so that your valuable time & energy are honored & respected, and so that your clients receive the outcomes they deeply desire

(9) Learn how to generate money from your business whenever you need it; how to plan your programs & offerings throughout the year to keep a constant stream of income flowing in (This is the pathway to quitting that full time job!)

(10) Establish you as the thought leader that you are! So you can be your truest self, speak your truth & shine your light, share your wisdom & expertise with the world

(11) Build a business with freedom and flexibility built into the very foundation, so you can do the work you love AND live the lifestyle you've been dreaming of

(12) Raise your own consciousness & vibration and have the platform (your online business or community!) already actively engaged so you can share your new awareness & knowledge with others, for global change & to create a brighter future for our planet.

You Are So Needed!

I encourage you to step up now, embrace this opportunity, and claim your place at the table as an online community leader and change-maker.

You know you're already a thought leader, but you're a best-kept secret!

Don't play small any longer. Jump in and show everyone just how amazing you are!

The world has been waiting for you to take this step.

Nowhere else will you find an online business training program that includes this balanced approach to both business & finance, as well as intuition & spirituality, to build your successful heart-based business!

Get ready for an amazing deep dive into technology, pricing & packaging, list-building, entrepreneurship, marketing, manifesting, sharing your wisdom & expertise on a global scale, claiming your full personal power, and opening up to your ability to BE THE CHANGE that you want to see in the world!

It's all included in The Magic of YOU.

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Your Instructor

Jocelyn Mercado
Jocelyn Mercado

Jocelyn Mercado is a spiritual guide for the modern world, transformational life & business coach, writer, and environmentalist. She has been a student & practitioner of indigenous wisdom and earth-based spirituality for over 9 years.

Jocelyn created Sacred Planet as a global community of people who are ready to un-learn all of the rules & regulations of modern mainstream society which no longer serve our highest good, so that we can reconnect with nature, with joy, and with the TRUTHS that we hold deep within our hearts.

She says it’s no mistake that at the same time as we are witnessing the systems & structures of the old “modern” world crumbling around us, we’re collectively realizing there’s an amazing opportunity at this momentous time in history to rise up together & create something entirely new that the world has never seen before.

Her mission is to guide you to courageously break free from everything that holds you back. Her coaching programs, events, and online programs are designed to awaken your deepest awareness to ways that you can heal yourself, and at the same time, heal the Earth.

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